Vocal Love



1hr.Voice Lessons

You betta SANG!


Join me in a virtual one on one session where we explore, discuss and decipher the endless possibilities of your voice!


Price: $30                                                     Duration: 60 min.

30 min. Voice 


Time Crunch!


Our lives are crazy, I get it. Sometimes you want to train your voice but time is not on your side. No worries! Join me in a 30 min. voice lesson where we get right to the point! 


Price:$20                                                       Duration: 30 min.

Laryngeal Massage

Say NO to a tired voice!

Let your voice break free from stress! Reduce and eliminate tension in your laryngeal muscles with this private one on one 30 minute virtual lesson. This massage can be done by yourself or it can be done with outside assistance! Just grab your favorite lotion and lets get started!


Price: $40                                                       Duration: 30 min

Vocal Love


Rebekah J. Rickards

As a dancer, I’ve always been intimidated to use my voice. Four weeks into vocal lessons with Joslynn Cortes and I no longer feel insecure using my voice, but I’m excited to see my growth week to week. Josy, who has a diverse experience in performance, not only makes vocal training fun, but completely accessible to a nervous beginner. She instructs and crafts a unique lesson for my needs and offers intuitive adjustments. I highly recommend Joslynn for anybody looking to explore and expand their creative palette. You won’t find another professional with such affordable rates, also the virtual offering makes it so convenient!

Ashley Berkman

Joslynn is an amazing voice teacher! As a former singer who completely lost touch with my voice, Joslynn has been indispensable in helping me reconnect. She really knows her stuff! On top of that she is supportive and invested in the success of her students. I can't recommend Joslynn enough!

Danna Green

Satisfied Mother

Joslynn has a way with children that draws in their interest while she manifests their strengths to give you a custom lesson. My 7 year old son loves his singing lessons and looks forward to what he will learn next. She's given him the confidence to sing whenever he has the opportunity. You truly will not be disappointed; her smile illuminates the sincerity of a truly caring coach who has your best interest at heart.  

Nour Shihabi

I've been singing for a while and had previously taken voice lessons, but I'd never learned so much about my voice and its range until I started classes with Josy. She clearly enjoys teaching and singing so much because she makes the class fun and keeps the environment positive. I leave feeling confident and really wanting to sing on an actual stage. Most importantly, she's super patient and gets that everyone grows at their own pace, which helps when you're the type that would easily get frustrated if you miss a note. I highly recommend Josy's singing classes!


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