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Vocal Love Founder & Vocal Instructor

Joslynn Cortes

Voice has always been a passion of mine and now I get to share my wealth of knowledge and experience with you through unique customized lessons. Vocal Love offers a variety of virtual services from individual Voice, Breath and Laryngeal Massage Lessons and Coaching to Group Lessons and Masterclasses! Vocal Love has changed the lives of Worship leaders, Tiny Desk award contestants, Transgender vocalists, yoga instructors, Professional Dancers, Creatives and even clients with Asthma! It's been a crazy ride and I can't wait for you to experience some Vocal Love!


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Vocal Love


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1hr.Voice Lesson| Coaching

You betta SANG!


Join me in a virtual one on one session where we explore, discuss and decipher the endless possibilities of your unique voice!


Price: $50                                                     Duration: 60 min.

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30 min. Voice 

Time Crunch!


Our lives are crazy, I get it. Sometimes you want to train your voice but time is not on your side. No worries! Join me in a 30 min. voice lesson where we get right to the point! 


Price:$32                                                       Duration: 30 min.

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Laryngeal Massage

Say NO to a tired voice!

Let your voice break free from stress! Reduce and eliminate tension in your laryngeal muscles with this private one on one 30 minute virtual lesson. In this lesson you will gain the skill and knowledge to execute a safe and easy Laryngeal Self-Massage to take with you on tour, backstage or wherever your vocal journey leads you!

Price: $72                                                      Duration: 30 min

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Breathing Lessons

Breath Control is Key

If your breath is out of whack, I can guarantee you your vocal quality is suffering too. The first step to taking care of your voice is taking control of your breath work. Join me in a 30 minute session where we identify your current breathing patterns, reshape the mindset behind those patterns and come up with an easy daily routine to practice throughout the week to make sure your breathing technique is in your hands.


Price: $32                                                      Duration: 30 min

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Group Lessons


Are you directing a musical that could use a little extra Vocal Love? Maybe you're in corporate and want to add a team building activity for your public speakers. Or maybe you just want to gift your worship team some vocal ease and love. If this sounds like you, go ahead and hit that pink button! I look forward to discussing details and creating a plan that fits your parties needs!!


Prices Vary                                                   Email for Details

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